Now That You Are Born Again for Kids


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The might of Samson, the lenged in Israel, knew no bounds. His incredible feats of immense strength against lions and bears posed a threat and terror to the Philistines; the enemies of Israel. They feard him and wanted him dead,; they tried all in vain to find his source of power and strength in order to defeat him.

Relieve this awesone, touching and intriguing true-life story of Samson the Lengend, who was deceived by a lady called Delilah who exposed his secretes to the Philistines, which led to his downfall and the final defeat of the Philistines.

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Welcome to God’s new family!  In this book “Now That You Are Born Again for Teens” you will get to understand what it truly means to be born again and a member of God’s divine family and kingdom. It is full of beautiful, colourful illustrations that depict the fundamental tenets of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in simple, plain language. This book is a must for every new believer in Christ, and should be used in introducing the new life of Christ to him.

Enjoy your new life in Christ as you unravel it with “Now That You Are Born Again

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